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Hospitality is generous and abundant, and our staff is willing and able to be flexible in order to meet everyone's needs and desires. At the plantation our menus are special.

 Breakfast  Item Price (INR)
Tea 10/-
Black Tea 8/-
Lemon Tea 15/-
Coffee 12/-
Black Coffee 8/-
Omelette ( Double) 35/-
Boiled Egg 10/-
Bullseye (Double) 25/-
Chapathi 10/-
Parotta 10/-
Chapathi Set ( 3 Chappathi with Curry) 70/-
Poori Masala 55/-
Appam Set( 3 Appam with Curry) 70/-
Idiappam Set ( 3 Idiapam with Curry) 70/-
Puttu Set 70/-
Idli Set (4 idli ) 50/-
Dosa Set ( 3 Dosa) 50/-
Egg Curry ( Double) 60/-
Egg Rost ( Double) 60/-
Lunch & Dinner  Item Price (INR)
Kerala Rice Veg. Meals 60/-
White Rice Veg. Meals 70/-
Fish Curry Meals 100/-
Kappa ( Tapioca) 50/-
Chapathi 10/-
Kerala Parotta 10/-
Kerala Chicken Curry (Quoter) 140/-
Kerala Chicken Curry ( Half ) 275/-
Fish Fry 75/-
Fish Curry 60/-
Ap ( Breakfast , Lunch& Dinner) Rs.300 per head
a memorable holliday

Misty Dreams

It has always been a dream to have a cottage in the hills where we could spend our spare time fully immersed in creative pursuits like writing, painting, Farming or any other. Being comfortable in solitude, it has to be a place for contemplation, a cosy place where Nature is at its pristine best and where the view of the hills is panoramic. Where one can sit for hours just observing the changing colors of the sky or listening to the music of water or spotting butterflies and dragonflies or counting fish in the lake or spot stars and planets in the clear night sky free from the glare of city lights.

Misty Dreams is a plantation home stay in Vagamon, Kerala. A place where one can escape from the mundaneness of city life to enjoy pastoral tranquility. Misty Dreams is a small beginning towards attaining a closer, deeper communion with Nature.

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