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Misty Dreams is suitable for get together, weekend outing etc. We can customize our facilities to meet your needs and ensure a memorable time. Our objective is to provide joyful moments & more value for money.

Campfire with Music

Our Campfire Nights offers an unmatched experience, nestled in the foothills of vagamon.


Spend some night time around the campfire with your family in this chilled weather and capture those unforgettable moments to carry with you and share.


We are ready to provide Trekking on Request.


Tandem paragliding - You can fly with an experienced pilot at an altitude of 4000 to 6000 feet for 15 minutes. (Depending on the weather conditions)

Off Roading

The off-road drive in 4WD jeep through the wading waters and the lush green meadows is a highlight of the trip.

Plantation Experience

Lavender Vagamon is surrounded by a pristine tea plantation. As a vacation retreat, the property gives the plantation expeiance. Lavender Vagamon Plantation House is ideal place for a plantation stay.

Tent Accomodation

Horse Riding


a memorable holliday

Misty Dreams

It has always been a dream to have a cottage in the hills where we could spend our spare time fully immersed in creative pursuits like writing, painting, Farming or any other. Being comfortable in solitude, it has to be a place for contemplation, a cosy place where Nature is at its pristine best and where the view of the hills is panoramic. Where one can sit for hours just observing the changing colors of the sky or listening to the music of water or spotting butterflies and dragonflies or counting fish in the lake or spot stars and planets in the clear night sky free from the glare of city lights.

Misty Dreams is a plantation home stay in Vagamon, Kerala. A place where one can escape from the mundaneness of city life to enjoy pastoral tranquility. Misty Dreams is a small beginning towards attaining a closer, deeper communion with Nature.

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